Soul Level Love

A 13 week group program for high achieving, single millennials who are ready to find lasting love through confidence, clarity, and deep connection.  Next cohort begins November 2022.

I created Soul Level Love because I believe all women deserve and are capable of finding extraordinary, long lasting love and partnership – it’s not just a myth or a Hollywood movie

Women seek out this program when they realize they have every other part of their life together – a kickass career, great friends, and hobbies they love – but dating seems to be the one thing that they can’t figure out.  Through a combination of relationship research, dating science, and energy psychology, I’ve created a repeatable framework that I bring all my clients through – and it’s led to 63% of my clients entering a relationship within 6 months of completing the program.

What's included


These sessions will be part teaching and part healing, along with powerful exercises and deep conversations around a variety of dating and relationship topics.




In between our sessions, you’ll have Michelle and your sisterhood in your back pocket for daily support. You won’t have to wait until the group call to ask a question or get feedback – Michelle is in Voxer Monday through Friday to support you – along with your sisterhood, of course!




Think of these audio recordings as Michelle’s own podcast show that you can’t find anywhere else except inside this container. To supplement our calls, you’ll have access to a library of audio recordings on different lessons ranging from relationship science, feminine energetics, personal development, intimacy, sex, dating skills, and more.


At least two guest experts on feminine embodiment and self love. Because Michelle wants you to learn from the best!

Let's do this together!

If you’re ready to get crystal clear on who you’re looking for and want to call in lasting love with ease and confidence, this is your sign to join us!

Imagine this...

Dating feels like the most fun and exciting part of your life, with high quality men lining up to take you out

Feeling confident and grounded on a first date – no jitters here

Making time for dating, which actually leads to you taking more time to do the things you love – and less work!

Having a deep connection with someone that feels like the easiest relationship you’ve ever been in – no games, no push/pull, no BS

Calling in a partner who is just as ambitious and as serious about building a life together as you

Client Testimonial

"I had been single for quite awhile, after a string of scant, unsatisfying, and anxiety-provoking relationships/situationships. I knew I was stuck. Through this program, I was able to release some major blockages preventing me from finding and keeping love.  I have now been in a relationship for about 4 months, and it is the healthiest, most loving partnership I have ever experienced.  I met him after two days on bumble, WHAT?! This is not possible without working my butt off in Michelle's program.  If you are unsure if you want to work with her or not, I suggest just jumping in and doing it."

– Laura, 31, Therapist

Hi there, I’m Michelle, the go-to dating coach and licensed therapist for high achieving millennial women.

Between my private therapy practice and dating and relationship coaching, I’ve been helping women nurture meaningful and lasting relationships of their dreams for the last ten years – with nearly 10,000 hours spent in sessions with clients! 


I found throughout my career and relentless relationship research, being with the right partner for you to spend your life with truly determines the happiness of your life.  That’s exactly why I created this program – not only to help you find and keep lasting love, but to help you find the right person for you.


I also went on my own dating journey four years ago and met my soul partner, Andrew, on Bumble!  So not only an expert in the industry, but I’ve walked the very same path you have with incredible success on the other side.  I truly feel so blessed to be able to wake up every day and do what I do to help women just like you find the partner of their dreams.