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"Michelle curated a loving, supportive, and enthusiastic container through Soul Level Love. Rooted in deep knowledge, our journey together was well-paced and naturally flowed. She very much honors the entirety of our emotions and situations, never judging us and always showing up for us. The work she does is crucial to healing generations of hurt and pain, transmuting us into women who prioritize our hearts and desires, magnetizing what is highest and best for us. I am deeply thankful for having walked that journey together and especially to the sisterhood I gained through it all."


- Ashley, 28, film editor

I saw how much the health of my clients’ relationships determined the happiness of their lives. I saw how limiting the therapy space was with helping women in the ways I knew they needed support.
Work with me

A 13 week group program for women who are ready to deepen their relationships as they go through major life transitions

A 13 week group program for single, high achieving millennial women who are ready to call in the relationship of their dream

For women who are going through a specific problem and want Michelle’s guidance, support, and expertise

VIP Private Coaching is Michelle’s highest level of support.  A 6 month container where Michelle has your front sides and your back sides at every turn.

Hi, I'm Michelle! Have we met yet?


I coach high achieving millennial women and men to find lasting love and deepen the relationship they have with their partners through 1:1 coaching, signature group programs, and masterclasses. 


My work and expertise has been featured in Women’s Health, The Knot, Brides, Wedding Wire, and The Washington Post – to name a few!  My clients are all high achieving doers by nature like you – physicians, authors, counselors, therapists, entrepreneurs, photographers, and film editors – incredible badass women who are creating big waves in this world and looking for their extraordinary equal to build a life they love together.

My story

Ever since I was a little girl, I was always drawn to people – I felt such a desire to know them, study them, and help them.  It made sense that my dad was a successful psychologist and the clinical director of his own private group practice, and that I would follow in his footsteps. 


I started my career young and eager as a newly licensed therapist and summa cum laude graduate from NYU – I was always such a learner and doer by nature, so I jumped right into clinical work at my dad’s private practice at the tender age of 23 years old. 


I became obsessed with perfecting my craft, learning all the modalities and interventions there were, and dove right into one of the most challenging fields of the industry – substance abuse, forensics, and trauma. 


Meanwhile, in my own personal life, I was going through my own healing journey and healing work with relationships.  I began to make connections that I was using relationships to fill a void within myself, and it was the reason why I found myself jumping from relationship to relationship, and I was overstaying my welcome in all of them. 


After years of being a therapist and hundreds of clients served in my dad’s private practice, I started realizing a common theme with my clients. That they were jumping into relationships based on stories they were creating in their heads from experiences that never served them – both from their childhoods and their previous romantic partnerships.

I decided to leave my dad’s private practice and start my own coaching practice that felt totally and completely aligned in the way I desired to help women – practical, relatable, and repeatable frameworks that delivered transformation and soul level love time and time again. In the meantime, I began my own singlehood journey, was breaking generational conditioning, and defining my own relationship to healthy love. The synchronicity was powerful!

Oh! And here is my own soul level love today...

I’ve been with my husband, Andrew, for the last three and a half years, and he is truly the love of my freaking life. We met on BUMBLE! And I call him my Bumble Bae as a joke ;) But not a joke…he still has the bee emoji next to his name in my phone! 


We love being active together and taking our dog, Marlee, on long hikes followed by thin crust pizza at our favorite local brewery. But most importantly, the friendship + love that we grew together has been the most special part of my life. 


Andrew has taught me what it truly means to love and be loved and what is possible in a healthy, meaning filled relationship. You’ll see him behind the camera at TMT, editing my photos and videos for my community, and making frequent guest appearances in my containers…he truly supports me in every single way, believes in the work I do, lives these practices himself, and LOVES seeing my clients thrive as much as I do!

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