"I worked with Michelle in her 1:1 coaching program for 6 months. I am so blessed to have somehow found her on Instagram and I initially took a leap and joined one of her free masterclass workshops. In this workshop, I was introduced to the energy work that she so brilliantly does. It completely blew me away; I knew I needed more of this to take my healing to the next level. 


I had been single for quite awhile, after a string of scant, unsatisfying, and anxiety-provoking relationships/situationships, I knew I was stuck. I came into the program wanting to heal from some past traumas that I could feel were holding me back from experiencing soul-level partnership, and soul level love for MYSELF. I just didn't know what to do about it. I was also hopeful I might maybe find a partner in this process! 


First, Michelle supported me in finding myself. Her authenticity, honesty, and love allowed me to feel safe and cradled in such a powerful container. She was consistent and inspiring, ALWAYS. I feel emotions coming up now writing this for you to read. I hate crying in front of people, but before I knew it, our session would start and the tears would just start to flow. What a RELIEF to be supported and seen and safe to be me, with all my flaws and limitations. She's not only a coach, but a licensed therapist, and I believe that adds so much dimension to her programs. 


Through this program, I was able to heal my Father Wound and release some major energy blockages from my childhood and younger years. I came into the program believing with my whole body and spirit that "All men are unsafe." After doing energy work with her, something clicked in me one day and I made the decision to start dating. I have now been in a relationship for about 4 months, and it is the healthiest, most loving partnership I have ever experienced. With a MAN. I met him after two days on bumble, WHAT?! This is not possible without working my butt off in Michelle's program. She helped me move through triggers as they arose in the very beginning of the relationship, with understanding and compassion. Those limiting beliefs I had about men, love, myself, my capabilities, are severely diminished, if not gone. I am presently able to show up in romantic partnership and love a man in a way that feels immense and abundant, rather than fearful and scarce. I am also much better able to receive this love. I'm so grateful I jumped into the unknown waters head first. Michelle was right there to grab me and hand me a life jacket, and she held my hand until I could learn to float on my own. Her program is a tour de force. If you are unsure if you want to work with her or not, I suggest just jumping in and doing it."

-Laura, 31, Licensed Therapist

"Michelle curated a loving, supportive, and enthusiastic container through Soul Level Love. Rooted in deep knowledge, our journey together was well-paced and naturally flowed. She very much honors the entirety of our emotions and situations, never judging us and always showing up for us. The work she does is crucial to healing generations of hurt and pain, transmuting us into women who prioritize our hearts and desires, magnetizing what is highest and best for us. I am deeply thankful for having walked that journey together and especially to the sisterhood I gained through it all."


- Ashley, 28, film editor

Client Affirmations

Soul Level Love and working with Michelle even previously 1-1 was a really great experience, support, and way to really get to dive deeper into my history of my childhood, past relationships and even just my general mindset about dating. One of the things that stood out to me about Michelle was that she really understood how things are in the dating world, she experienced her own struggles with dating and she was also a child of immigrants who could also put context into cultural norms and expectations.


It was really easy to be open and honest with Michelle. She's also super organized and always on top of her therapist game by providing great tools, recommendations and resources. Soul Level Love itself was a really great way for me to connect with other amazing badass independent women who were also in a similar boat as me and had been going through the same motions of dating. I really felt that our group connected really well and everyone was super sweet and kind. We all held space for one another and continue to stay in touch while keeping each other updated on not only our dating lives but other important things happening to us.


Through working with Michelle and being part of Soul Level love I've gained a better mindset overall about dating and that's not to say i still don't falter back to some of my old views but I am really more aware and mindful. I also felt like I got to understand myself better and how to also maintain certain boundaries especially when it comes to family and societal pressures. Overall, my experience with Michelle and the Soul Level Love journey has been one that's added a positive impact on my life. 

-Sana, 32, School Counselor