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A nine week group program for women who are ready to deepen their most intimate relationship.

With Michelle Mouhtis
Relationship Coach and Licensed Therapist


A healing container for women who are ready to feel secure in their new relationship.

Your relationship is the most secure place to be your true, most authentic self.

Feeling seen, heard, and understood by your partner as you navigate conflict hand in hand.

Breathing sighs of relief as you express how you feel and your partner holds loving space for you.

Feeling comfortable and confident to express your needs and desires, and be in alignment to receive them from your partner.

Shedding the shame around intimacy, and allowing yourself to embody all the pleasure that comes with leaning into receiving.

Feeling secure and revelling in the present moment with your love, enjoying everything from luxurious date nights to Netflix and PJ’s on the couch while feeling totally in flow.

Having your relationship be the easiest part of your life!


I did so much work with myself to heal from past relationship traumas, limiting beliefs, and codependency when I was single.

I felt like a rockstar in my singlehood journey, ready to take on a healthy relationship and show up completely different than ever before. I thought when I got into a relationship, it would be a breeze to implement all the work I did and embody the high vibe energy of being in a healthy partnership.

But I quickly learned that being in a healthy relationship was so much harder than being in a dysfunctional one!

And if I’m being totally transparent with you, it feels like this…

Having everything you wanted in a relationship, but don’t know how to receive it. It’s an ironic (yet all too common!) feeling.

Swirling thoughts of doubt and self-sabotage. You can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen next, and if it’s better to just make an excuse of why you’re not feeling it anymore and try again with someone else (but that doesn’t feel good, either!).

Future tripping to “what if” scenarios and fears of getting hurt. You recognize the mistakes and things you missed in past relationships, and you’re having a hard time trusting yourself that you’re not doing the same thing again.

Difficulty getting in touch with what your desires are and how to communicate them with your partner, because you’re used to always being the one who is giving in the relationship. It feels strange now that you have a partner who is ready to give to you in the same way you give to them!

Being worried about if you’re missing any red flags, if this relationship is “really it” this time, and feeling like you’re hesitant to really lean into what is possible. You want to take a leap and truly let go, but you’re feeling hesitant around taking the plunge.

Mistaking stability for lack of passion. You’re used to push/pull relationships in the past, and you’re struggling with how to respond to someone who is consistent with you.

Knowing you have concerns and want to express how you feel, but don’t know how or are fearful to actually say something. No one taught you how to communicate your needs in high school! And your parents didn’t teach you, either.



In yourself that you have the tools and mindset to embrace any concerns or conflicts that arise in your relationship.

To be your whole, most selfiest self. 
Nothing more and nothing less.

In yourself that you are making conscious decisions about the relationship that are in alignment with your highest self.

Love, fun, and friendship in your day to day life with your partner that feels in alignment for the both of you. Trips to the grocery store feel like a hot date!

Everything from weekend adventures at the farmer’s market to your next vacation on an exotic tropical island without the worry if you’re still going to be together by then.