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1:1 Intensive Sessions

With Michelle Mouhtis

Relationship Coach and Licensed Therapist

1:1 Intensives are for women who are going through a specific problem and want Michelle’s guidance, support, and expertise to navigate through . They’re also an incredible way to get a feel of what it’s like to work personally with Michelle.

These sessions are for the woman who is a doer, is ready to receive reflections that challenge them to grow and stretch into the best version of herself, and loves to leave with tangible actions and takeaways that will last far beyond the session hour

These sessions are perfect for topics like:

Break up support

Boundary setting for recovering people pleasers

Working through an insecure attachment style

How to tell if you are ready for a new transition with your partner (moving in together, getting engaged, married, having a baby)

Navigating challenging family dynamics, including in-laws

Navigating the early stages of dating someone new

Figuring out if a date is worth pursuing further

How to best use dating apps to have high quality, aligned matches in your queue

Working through communication issues with partner

How to find soul level love organically

What to expect

$450 for the entire experience, which includes...

  • One 90 minute session...Or break it up into two 45 minute sessions

  • An intake form where you can fill Michelle in on all the details of your situation beforehand (so we waste no time during our session and can dive right in)

  • A module from one of her group programs that supports your situation.  The module includes exclusive content, including audio lessons, worksheets, and integration homework

  • Three days of Voxer (a voice messaging app) support for accountability and integration

  • An opportunity to apply this investment toward any longer term container (group program or 1:1 coaching) in the future


The session will be exactly what it needs to be and serve you in the way it’s meant to.

I can’t wait to meet you and dive in deep!

Hello there,

Michelle Mouhtis is a speaker, licensed therapist and a “go to” Dating + Relationship Coach featured in Women’s Health, Brides, and The Washington Post. Professional women in their 30’s seek Michelle’s support when they are single and want to find lasting love, or when they are in a committed relationship and desire deeper connection during a major life transition.


Mouhtis is an accredited expert on serving women who crave a healthy relationship with love in their adulthood and moving through past romantic or intense family experiences.

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