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From Break-Up to Glow Up

A 12-week self-study online course for high achieving millennials who are ready to get over their ex and thrive post-break up through empowerment, resilience, and connection.

Here's What's included 
  • Lifetime access to this course and all its future updates 

  • 6 modules of content that are research backed and strategically designed to guide you through the healing process

  • 28 audio lessons

  • Over 40 pages of workbooks, journal prompts, and homework

  • 15 EFT tapping and energy psychology videos to help rewire your brain and move through the breakup with more ease

Program breakdown:
  • Module 1:  Break-Up Survival Guide

  • Module 2:  Moving Through Three Types of Break Ups

  • Module 3:  How to Heal and Move Through 

  • Module 4:  Coming Home to You and Self-Discovery

  • Module 5:  How to Learn From this Relationship

  • Module 6:  How to Date Again

  • One payment of $249

  • Or break it down with two monthly payments of $125​

Are you Ready?

If you’re ready to stop thinking about your ex for good, heal from your break up, and thrive without your ex – this is your sign to join this course!

Imagine this... 

Going to bed smiling at the realization that you didn’t think about your ex the entire day…seriously, not even once!

Feeling confident being whole and complete on your own 

Feeling easily focused on your own life and being able to see a bright future without your ex

Being reconnected with your authentic self

Knowing exactly the type of person who IS a good match for you, and knowing what healthy relationships look and feel like for the future

Hi there, I’m Michelle, the go-to relationship coach and trauma informed, dually licensed therapist for high achieving millennials.

I may be a therapist and relationship coach, but that doesn’t exempt me from going through some of the most intense break ups of my life, including breaking off an engagement and ending a relationship with a live-in partner.  


From Break-Up to Glow Up is the back pocket bestie I wish I had when I was going through my own break ups – and so much of the content I created inside is not only from my background as a therapist and coach, but also how I healed through my own personal break up experience.  This course is the heart and soul of my life’s work, and I’m so deeply thankful I get to share it with you!  


TMT Pattern-19.png

Break-ups were NEVER meant to be done alone! I created this course because I experienced first hand what it was like to commit to my healing after a break-up versus jumping into another relationship. The truth is, break ups don’t have to be filled with suffering, feeling broken, and consumed with thoughts of your ex.  When you are taught the power of energy psychology, how to hack your brain wiring, allow support into your life, and know what REALLY helps you collapse time to heal from your ex, your absolute best self gets to emerge and feel whole on your own.

Michelle supported me in finding myself. Her authenticity, honesty, and love allowed me to feel safe and cradled in such a powerful container. She was consistent and inspiring, ALWAYS.  What a RELIEF to be supported and seen and safe to be me, with all my flaws and limitations. She's not only a coach, but a licensed therapist, and I believe that adds so much dimension to her programs. 

Laura, 31.

licensed therapist

  • How do I know if this course is for me?
    This course is for anyone who falls on the spectrum between the second the break up happened and feeling curious about dating again. You get to pick up wherever you are!
  • Does it matter how long I was with my ex?
    No! Time is not a reflection of how painful a break up is. This course will be relevant for anyone who is struggling through the ending of a relationship, no matter how long it lasted
  • About how long will this course take?
    It’s completely self paced! You’ll receive all the modules at once, so you can start exactly where you are and take as long as you’d like. Michelle recommends spending about 1-2 weeks on each module.
  • What makes this course different from other break up courses?
    This course is so unique – I’ve combined my clinical background as a therapist, break up research, best coaching practices, and my own personal break up experiences to create this course. I also feel so strongly about having mind/body somatic techniques interwoven throughout the course, because research has shown over and over that our experiences, feelings, and emotions are stored in our body – so it makes sense that if you’ve tried talk therapy, reading books, listening to podcasts, and journaling and you’re STILL feeling stuck! It’s because the break up needs to be released on an energetic and body based level, which I guide you through in this course!
  • What exactly is EFT Tapping/Energy Psychology?
    Energy psychology is an umbrella term for healing the mind through body based practices. EFT Tapping (aka Emotional Freedom Technique) works on the same system as acupuncture – but instead of placing a needle in the acupressure points, you will gently tap on them in order to help rewire the brain and allow for cognitive shifts to happen faster and easier. Michelle has easy to follow along videos as a part of this course

Michelle curated a loving, supportive, and enthusiastic container. Rooted in deep knowledge, our journey together was well-paced and naturally flowed. She very much honors the entirety of our emotions and situations, never judging and always showing up.

Ashley, 28.

film editor

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